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Yes, a Fresh Start Initiative settlement can be reassessed even after it has been paid. The IRS requires that you finish your payments for the settlement and continue to file and pay all taxes for five years after completing the terms of your settlement package. If you fail to do so, the IRS will likely pursue the full amount of taxes originally owed.
One problem many taxpayers in debt to the IRS face is keeping up with the changes in programs like the IRS Fresh Start Program. There are many details in the Installment Agreements, Offers in Compromise and other resolution options that can be tough to remember. Some of the changes enacted by the IRS may not impact all individuals in debt and it’s difficult to know whether you fall in that group or not. The new updates to the Fresh Start Initiative are yet another set of rules to keep straight when trying to resolve tax problems.
Thankfully, taxpayers can keep the whole process relatively simple by hiring a company whose entire job it is to keep these facts straight and report them accurately to clients. Tax Relief Network focuses on staying up to date on the various changes the IRS makes to programs like the Fresh Start Initiative so that their customer base is never left in the dark and receive all the guidance they need to settle their back taxes. This kind of service can help taxpayers to save money, extend deadlines, or find their way into the best tax debt resolution plan to meet their needs.
Anyone with questions on the Fresh Start Initiative or other IRS programs would do well to contact Tax Relief Network and get quality help to ease their financial troubles. Call now for more information and a free consultation!