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Taxpayers searching for delinquent taxes help should consider working with Tax Relief Network. If you are in debt to the IRS or a state tax authority, there is only so much time before collection actions begin. The IRS will begin by placing a lien on your accounts, which will damage credit ratings and make it harder to borrow money, get a mortgage or rental agreement, and other loans or credit cards. Should an individual still fail to pay their income taxes when facing a lien, the IRS will continue to levy actions to the point of seizing income and assets.
In many cases, taxpayers that try to handle the situation on their own will often overlook important parts of the filing process and their own eligibility for certain programs offered. The problem taxpayers face is that once the IRS becomes involved with their overdue tax debt, they allow too much time to pass before seeking help or taking the necessary steps to solve the problem. In this ‘downtime’ a taxpayer could see huge penalties accrued on their account and end up owing a lot more than they otherwise would have.
It is incredibly important to seek help immediately, formulate a plan in dealing with the tax debt, and then move forward accordingly. Even if a taxpayer does not know what to do, silence only worsens their case with the IRS. It’s advised that at the very least a taxpayer should reach out to the IRS and communicate their difficulties in paying their debt and explain that they’re currently in the process of searching for a solution. This way the IRS or Revenue Agent can note that the taxpayer is aware of the problem and taking the right steps in handling it.